The Writing Challenge – Day 1

Rewrite a classic fairy-tale.

Cinderella – The Beginning

Jonathan was only 37 when he passed away. Many cried at the funeral, but none more than five year old Ella. She had never known her mother, and her father had always been sickly. As she would grow older, her few memories would consist of her trying to bring him meat pies and strudels to keep him from growing any thinner. As her father began to speak less, Widow Gersovich from next door came more often. When she came, Ella had to leave and play somewhere else. She didn’t understand it until the funeral was over and the only ones who remained with the casket were herself and the widow, along with her two daughters who wouldn’t even look in her direction. “Ella. Your father left you in my care. You should know that my funds pay for Anastasia and Drizella only. Should you wish to live with me or on the streets is your decision.” Of course, Ella was only five, she surely had not heard that her father had married the widow a few days before his passing, nor that the widow was rumored to beat perfection into her daughters.
The passing years were to become what Ella considered ‘normal.’ A few months after she was taken in, the relatives had stopped coming to give their condolences, and the paperwork to adopt Ella had been finished. It was then that Ella was told that she would no longer have to leave the house to go to school, and that she could not stay in the guest room. Alone to find her own quarters, she discovered a small room hidden away in the attic, just large enough to do a twirl with both arms out. When she did that, she sometimes expected her father to pick her up under the arms and tell her that she could come home.
After the first night in the tiny room, she woke to find the room full of cinders. As it turned out, the room was an area to clear the fireplace’s chimney should it ever become clogged– and a portion of the smoke when it wasn’t clogged came into there. Deciding it wasn’t that bad if she got a little dirty, she went on with her new routine of cleaning while her stepsisters taunted her with her new name– Cinderella.


The Thirty Days of Writing Challenge

Borrowed from this lovely page.

I feel like my actual writing has been a bit stiff as of late. The best I can do is realistic sounding conversation between characters. Just like in my drawings, I’m lacking heavily in the background department. If I try to do persuasive writing or professional letters, it turns into narratives, and vice-versa. Hopefully this will cure my writing arthritis.

I don’t even know who I’m writing this to; I have literally one follower that seems like he just followed me so I would see his page, but hey, if you’re actually interested in the silly things I have to say, then go you, Mr. Smith, nice to meet you!

Note: One of my problems is run-on sentences. I write how I talk.

There is a drowsy state, between sleeping and waking, when you dream more in five minutes with your eyes half open, and yourself half conscious of everything that is passing around you, than you would in five nights with your eyes fast closed and your senses wrapt in perfect unconsciousness.