Starlight Fighter


I drew this painting with Paint Joy on my Android phone:)


The Banner Dilemma

I really want to keep my banner because I spent over twenty minutes on it, but at the same time, I don’t want some random text being put above the banner that says basically the same thing but at the same time I need a name to come up on the dashboard. Ughhh, decisions decisions!

Jewel Sparkle

Jewel Sparkle

So I have this creepy fascination with the LalaLoopsy franchise. Everyone else thinks their button eyes and “ragdolls come to life” concept is terrifying, but I think its adorable! About a year ago, my friend Kristen gave me her barely used fashion-sketchbook and before I knew it, it was almost completely full.
*Originally posted March 15, 2013 on the now deactivated vox-angelus Tumblr account.

The MS Paint Days

Here’s a mini collage of what I was able to do on MS Paint with just my mouse and a shaky hand. Meh. All characters used are of my own creation and may not be reproduced without my permission. (Like 99% of the time, I’ll say yes, but still, manners.)