The Writing Challenge – Day 2

Write a FanFiction.

Woah there, get ready because I’m taking us all back to 2006.

It was just another ordinary morning.
Shit, how long had he been asleep? Ryuya sat up with a start and rubbed the crust out of his eyes before giving the campsite a tired glance. The fire was nothing more than embers, and the sun was already out; too late to know if midday had passed. Across the fire pit, the ever patient Uraha was fast asleep, using her forearms as a makeshift pillow. Usually there would be a thin pair of arms around her side to indicate that the princess was on the other side. Had she already woken up?
He gave a deep sigh through his nose as he stood up. At first, he considered that she had gone to get water, and went over to a tree to take care of business. How wrong that turned out to be. The silence of the morning was broken by a loud, “Ewww!!” Ryuya jumped and covered himself as he looked around. Wait… had that come from… He tilted his head up to be met with the princess’ pouty face.
“How lewd, exposing yourself in front of royalty like that.” She turned her head away and took a bite into a fruit. With her mouth ungracefully full, she added, “But I guess I’d expect no less from a poor man like you.”
The corner of Ryuya’s lip curled in annoyance and he turned so he could ‘adjust’ himself.
“You saw me coming towards this tree, you should have said something before.”
“I didn’t know you were going to do something so gross!”
“Why else would I have come here?! And don’t eat that, it hasn’t been washed!”
“I can eat whatever I want, I’m tired of rice!”
Their bickering was paused when a third voice interrupted with, “Well, aren’t we off to a good morning?”
The two looked over to see the third traveler putting out the fire with a soft smile. Her hair had come loose and fell around her slightly chubby face. The part in her hair where the ribbon went had made a wavy dent. “Uraha, I don’t think I’ve ever seen you with your hair like that.” Kanna remarked, laying so her cheek pushed on the branch. As if the fight hadn’t happened, Ryuya nodded. “I agree. Maybe I’m so used to seeing Kanna’s split ends drag everywhere that its refreshing to see some beautiful hair for a change–” As he was finishing that sentence, the hundred-pound girl dropped off the branch and onto him to make him be quiet. It didn’t work as smoothly as she thought; Ryuya was a professional, after all. He caught her easily and left her dangling off the floor, his hands under each arm. “Ah, has an angel descended from the heavens? Or is it an adorable little demon?” He gave a smirk. Remember that Kanna has only been awake so long, and can be more irritable than usual in the first hours of the day. “I am getting so sick of your shit!” She yelled, kicking him in the stomach– which did seem to have no effect on him– until another pair of arms pulled her down. Kanna was relieved at first, but found that her savior had not done it to help her. Uraha glared down at her with her infamous wooden fan in hand. “How could a princess as yourself use such low-class language?” An argument ensued between the women. Deciding it was best not to get involved, Ryuya gave a sigh and started packing the camp so they could continue on their quest.
It was just another ordinary morning.


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