Who is SuperPockyCat?

SuperPockyCat is the kid in class who sits at the very front or very back of the room and gets straight As without saying a single word to anyone, not because she doesn’t want to but because her depression makes her live in constant fear of saying the wrong thing. She  is the girl who can be seen sometimes carrying a hungry kitten back to her house already full of cats, or playing make-believe with a toddler she’s just met. She is the girl that when she finally does say something, it is a vague joke only a select few will understand the reference from. The girl who brings her little brothers everywhere she gets invited to, the girl who has a photo of her hugging her very distraught cat as her Facebook picture. The girl who went through a black phase, a red phase, and is now inexplicably in a cotton candy pink phase. The girl who tears up and gets all happy when her friends make even the smallest achievements when they’re struggling, and who tears up when she sees them hanging out with others, or sees them moving away.

Who is SuperPockyCat? That’s for you to interpret.


5 thoughts on “Who is SuperPockyCat?

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